Jesus made famous. People made whole. Boston made new.

Our Mission

We believe the mission of the church was given by Jesus back in Matthew 28 when he said, "Go make disciples..." which meant to help people far from God find and follow Jesus. We keep that mission with contemporary language by saying:

Renewal Church exists to reconcile people to God, renew their whole lives, and release them to minister, all through the power of the gospel.


The church has one foundation and that is Jesus Christ. We come to know him and love him as we learn about him through the Bible. The Bible is our source of authority for matters of life and faith.

Our Belief

WE BELIEVE that the church should be a welcoming place for all people, including people who believe and act very differently from us.

WE BELIEVE that the church should be a safe place. Safe for you to ask difficult questions and explore what faith in Jesus really looks like.

Looking for specifics? We are a local expression of the Body of Christ. As a church family, we want to see the good news of Jesus proclaimed through our lives of worship, relationships, and outreach to our city and world. Renewal Church is committed to the truth and teachings of Scripture for both theological understanding and life application. Furthermore, we confess and affirm the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds as true statements of what we believe, in connection to the church of Jesus throughout history.

Still want to know more? Please read our Statement of Faith.