Breaking Free from Regret

Whether the bad decisions were financial, relational, sexual, or just old-fashioned stupid, regret is an emotion that everyone wakes up to sooner or later.

Jesus told the story of the Lost Son which explored the power of regret for positive change.

The son lost it all. He couldn’t find love, or purpose, or meaning. He knew there’s got to be more to life! but his search for more left him empty, with even less than he started with.

Ever been there?

At a certain point in the story “he came to his senses.”

This is that moment of regret when you realize your decisions have left you bankrupt, whether literally or morally.

But not only does he “come to his senses,” he also decides to “arise and go to his Father.”

This act of returning to the Father and coming back home is the difference between living in a cycle of regret and longing, and breaking free from the cycle of regret.

The beginning of change in life comes from these two principles working together. Your regret must move you to say, “I will go back to my Father.” Otherwise, your search for fulfillment apart from him will fill you with regret all over again.

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