Impressing Women vs. Impressing a Woman

When men try to impress women what words come to mind? I’m not talking about what actually works. I’m just asking: what do men, in general, think it takes to impress women?

Success. Humor. Conversation. Clothing. Wit. Adventure. Sunglasses (j/k kind of…)

When you shift the conversation and think about what it would take to impress one woman, that you live with every day, a woman you share a home with. What would it take to impress her?

Well it wouldn’t hurt if you took care of your body. Or put on some nice clothes or cologne every once in a while. But when you consider what it would take to impress one woman, who knows you inside and out, you end up with a very different list of words:

Character. Stability. Self-control. Strength. Provider. Protector.

To the young men out there, consider this a challenge. Become the kind of man that can impress one woman, for the rest of her life. Sweep her off her feet. Make her unbelievably glad that she picked you to be married to. Become a pillar in your community: a man of character and strength that others in the community can depend on for help.

And I personally believe that if you want to be a man of character and stability, you need to rest your life on something solid. Jesus said “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24) If you connect to Jesus daily, you ask him to forgive you and to lead you, the he will shape you into a man who can impress a woman.

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