Enjoy Your Life

It sounds like Joel Osteen's new book. It sounds like the mantra of the narcissistic. It sounds like feel-good advice for the trophy generation.

Enjoy Your Life is a sermon series created around this thought: What God has called me to do today is good. What God has given me today is enough. God's timing for my life is perfect. God's will for my life is holiness. So if I can't enjoy the day he has given me to live today, it reflects a lack of faith.

This isn't about those unbelievably hard days. This is about choosing gratitude on those unbelievably ordinary days.

This isn't about when your life falls apart. This is about choosing contentment when your life is boring because it's so normal.

Over the 5 weeks in September we'll walk through the Bible's wisdom for choosing to believe that God's Will for you is perfect and good. We'll talk about worry, hurry, regret, and all the other things that pull our focus away from God's goodness in our lives today. I hope you'll join us.