Why Fast?

Spiritual Fasting is essentially giving up something for a period of time in order to focus your thoughts on God. It is a great way to deepen your connection with God.

There are different kinds of fasting:

  •  Absolute fast:  no food or water for a period of time (before you do any food or drink fasting those with medical conditions, especially conditions involving dietary restrictions, diabetes, for example, should consult a doctor before fasting.)

  • Regular fast:  only water, but no food or other drink.

  • Partial fast:  usually only water, juices, and sometimes fruit.

  • Other things to fast from:  people, media, telephone, certain activities/habits, etc.

  • Lent fast:  giving up something specific for the duration of Lent.

But there is nothing magical that happens when we deny ourselves of something. There’s a principle in Bible that says you cannot only REMOVE a negative thing from your life, you also have to REPLACE it with something godly.

Join Renewal Church this Sunday as we begin our new teaching series Fast From/Feast On. In this series we will look at some unexpected things that we can fast on like anger, jealousy and guilt and learn to replace them with peace, thankfulness and freedom. But this Sunday, March 24 we will dive deeper into the theological and practical aspects of fasting and prayer. So whether you are a lifelong Christian, a new believer or just checking Christianity out, you can discover a powerful way to grow closer to God.

See you Sunday!

- Pastor Chris

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