Non-Negotiable #4: God's Will

Being a part of a church is like being a part of a spiritual family.

You really get to know people. It puts you in close proximity with people who make vastly more or vastly less money than you. It puts you in relationship with people from different countries, ethnicities, and cultures. You become friends with people that you would have NEVER become friends with if it weren’t for the church.

So how do we honor the dynamics of this spiritual family even as we are constantly reaching out to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. How do we build a church that honors those who already belong while thinking about those who are not here yet. Simple…

We make decisions for this church based on knowing and doing the will of God. That’s it. The leadership of this church is utterly committed to knowing and doing GOD’s WILL. Whatever that might be. We want to build the kind of church that Jesus would be proud of.

If Jesus showed up we wouldn’t want to blush red and sheepishly explain that we had to get a live lion in the worship auditorium so that people would show up to worship him.

We want to build a great church, an amazing church, where people grow and find life and are unified. We do it as a family by radically knowing and doing GOD’S WILL.

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