what to expect

Community Groups are where we eat, pray, share life, serve one another, study the Scriptures, love one another, and generally do all of the things that Jesus asked us to do. We all have busy careers, but because relational connection has such a high value to us, we "press pause" each week to be together intentionally in homes around the city. At every group we eat together and kids are welcome.

Why Community Groups

Community Groups help you to build relationships and apply the Bible to your life. However, over time, something even more profound happens. You learn to live a life of love the way that God loves, and you learn to forgive and give grace the way that God does. There's so much of who God is and what He is like that you discover and display when you live in community.

How to try out a group

Find the group below that works for your schedule. If multiple groups will work for you we recommend the one that is geographically closest to you. Email the leader and let them know you'd like to visit. They'll respond with directions to the group and any special instructions you need to know. Take a step to grow and connect by requesting more info about groups today!

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