A Poetic Tribute to Life's Greatest Gift

By Jonathan Moseley

When I gaze upon the waves of the world
I sink in my unbelief and doubt;
yet, you never refuse your hand from me--
in love, you reach it out.

You forgive not 7 times, but 70 x 7,
the mistakes I constantly repeat;
how amazing that daily you would have
my wrongs and your mercies meet.

The rebel and the idolater
are the roles I’m prone to play;
yet you remain the Faithful Groom,
forever and ever, you stay the same.

The sin I play with in the streets
leave me with guilt I’m helpless to remove;
but you offer a gift that can take it all away,
not possible with man, but only through you.

Always leaving for something better,
I estrange myself to you;
but this gift mends what's broken
and turns what's ruined into something new.

You see how fragile I am
and you know this debt I cannot pay;
so you tell me about the cross
and how into children, we are made.

This bloody gift you say is free but costly,
and sufficient to meet all my needs;
And you promise this gift
is for my good, if only I believe.

Grace, grace, grace.

Jonathan Moseley is the Director of Community and Operations at Renewal Church.