Fighting Fear and Anxiety

You live with the low thrum of fear and anxiety in your life. You can push it into the background while you drive forward in your career. Relationships come and go, and maybe they aren’t exactly what you want, but they are satisfying enough for today.

Suddenly, in unexpected moments, that fear and anxiety bursts through. What if I stay single forever? What if I don’t have enough to live? How will this conflict end? Did I ruin my future?

Dealing with fear and anxiety is not always simple or straightforward, but it can begin in a simple place: believing God’s promises. His promises to put the lonely in families, to provide for your daily needs, to redeem your mistakes.

If you lived like God’s promises were true, you would have more peace. You would have a firm foundation from which you could begin to kill the fear and anxiety in your life.

Join us for a new 4-week teaching series called Living By God’s Promises, beginning November 11that Renewal Church.