Freedom | A Poem About the Power of Christ's Love

Writing is a gift to be exercised and a blessing to the church. But not every writing is prose in format. God uses both prose and poetry to move our hearts. Often missed because the Hebrew of the Old Testament and the Greek of the New don't always translate poetically into English, some of the most beautiful writings in Scripture are poetic. With that in mind, below is a poem by one of Renewal's members, Julia Grabianowski, inspired by the love of God she came to see in Scripture.

became man
born in a stable
told He was not able
to set the captives free.

skin exposed ripped punctured
nailed to wood
as the teachers, preachers
and rulers cheered
and crowds watched the

came from a tomb
that the world thought held
a madman defeated
never imagining
He’d rise from the dead
and with His rising make it so instead
of living life bound for Hell
we’d be

makes no sense to
a fallen world
determined to trap us in chains
trampling upon those in pain
boasting in strength
indulging in passing pleasure.

despised by
the Evil One
telling us the chains
are made of silver and gold
leaving us broken and cold
chasing worldly wisdom
as our hands are glued to a
beautiful prison.

The freedom we have through our relationship with You is all that we have.

Please never let our hearts harden to that Eternal Truth, and remind us daily of the price You paid for our freedom. 

© Julia (Demir) Grabianowksi: Not to be used in part or full without the author's expressed permission.