The Power of Ambition (2 of 3)

Is ambition good? It all depends on where you aim your life.

Our society and our churches are filled with ambitious people who aim their lives at meaningless things, stupid things, self-serving things, or easy things.

But there’s a concept in the Bible that I think gives men a robust concept to aim their life at. Something big enough to encompass your ambition in a godly way.

Aim to be a pillar in the community.

In the Old Testament these men would be referred to as the elders of a city, but today we speak about what it means to be a pillar in your community:

  • You’ve been successful in business and have the financial strength to help the community

  • You have wisdom from years of managing business and household so people look to you for advice

  • You manage a household well. Your wife and your children are respected in the community, and they love that you lead the family

  • You are actively involved in making your community a better place

  • You wield authority well because you live under God’s authority (with the “fear of the Lord”)

  • You are a rock of stability in the community because you’ve based your life on the unmoving Rock that is God’s Word

I wish more men would live with this kind of ambition in their lives. Not only would it harness your ambition for good, but our world would be a much better place.

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