The Power of Ambition (3 of 3)

This last post in our series on ambition gives us an example of a man who has worked to become a pillar in his community. It gives us a target to aim our ambition at. A man who is successful, kind, wise, and respected.

[The whole story is only two pages long in the Bible. It’s called the Book of Ruth and it’s worth reading through in its entirety.]

The story of Boaz starts with a widow named Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth. Naomi has lost her husband and her two grown sons to death. She finds herself poor, vulnerable, and unable to provide for her daughter-in-law.

When Naomi and Ruth travel back to their homeland of Bethlehem they encounter an extended relative, a man by the name of Boaz. Take a look at how Boaz handles the situation, and keep in mind what this teaches us about how to be a pillar in the community.

  • Boaz lets Ruth go into the field to gather what the day laborers miss so that she and Naomi won’t starve.

  • Boaz protects Ruth by ordering the men not to touch her

  • Boaz gives generously to provide for both Ruth and Naomi’s needs

  • Boaz negotiates in the village gate to ensure Ruth is cared for

  • Boaz eventually marries Ruth in order to protect her and Naomi, provide for them, and give them the family that they had lost through death

We no longer have elders who sit in the village gate keeping order, dispensing wisdom, and judging disputes, but our society still needs those kinds of men. I hope that you are an ambitious person, but I hope that your ambition is aimed in the right direction that you might become a pillar in your community.

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