Finding Financial Peace

No one likes to be stressed about their finances. It makes us miserable, it robs us of joy, it can destroy our relationships and it can cause us make sacrifices we don’t need to make.

It’s easy to fall into the trap thinking if only I made more money I wouldn’t be stressed about money. That’s a trap because as we make more money we start to live like we make more money . We buy nicer things, move to a nicer place, buy things we don’t need and find ourselves stressed about money again. Thinking if only we made a little bit more….

We expect money to solve all our problems but it won’t because money problems are not money problems they really are spiritual problems.

Jesus tells us money is a test. How we handle money determines whether we are spiritually mature enough to handle the more important things. That’s right, in Jesus’ eye, money is not all that important.

If you want to be at financial peace, if you don’t want to worry about money, if you want to sleep well, be healthier and be ready for the more important blessings God has waiting for you, you have to manage your money in a godly way.

Join us this Sunday as we continue our Work Matters teaching series with a very important message called Finding Financial Peace. Discover the eternal biblical principles to managing your money well so you can be at peace with your finances.

Of course if you can pay all your bills, have no debt, have a padded savings account, are prepared for your retirement and money never prevents you from helping others in need…. stay home! :)

See you Sunday!

Pastor Chris

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