Non-Negotiable #1: Gospel

[In this short series of posts called “Non-negotiable” we are exploring 4 non-negotiable principles upon which Renewal Church stands or falls.]

What does our church have to offer the world?

Our music is good, but it’s not better than anything happening at the House of Blues.

Our relationships are meaningful, but we’re not the only place you can meet people and some of us are really weird.

Our preaching is ok (this one is debatable - my wife says it’s great, my son says it’s boring, I really can’t tell…) but it’s definitely not better than hundreds of TedTalks you can find online.

What does our church have to offer the world?

We’ve got a message, called the gospel. That’s what we’ve got to give.

  • It’s a message about God offering forgiveness for your past.

  • It’s a message about God giving you the power to change, today.

  • It’s a message about God preparing you a future home in heaven.

Mostly it’s a message about God. How amazingly beautiful he is, how merciful, how slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love he is, how gloriously mysterious he is, how loving, how kind, how humble. How he came to earth as Jesus and lived a perfect life and died as a perfect sacrifice and then in his perfect timing rose from the grave defeating Satan, sin, and death.

Renewal is built on the gospel. We stand and fall with the gospel. We will die before we deny this gospel.

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